Principal's Corner


Welcome to the School of the Holy Child, Angeles , Inc. , for school year 2020 – 2021! This will be our 36th year of operation  and we are ready to embrace it with vigor , enthusiasm and positivity! This pandemic has truly affected all our lives, especially the learning community. Education must continue despite the odds, for it is one way, a good way, for all of us to handle this crisis and bring a sense of normality in our lives. 

Despite these challenges, we remain resilient and persevering so that the school can continue giving quality education even if an alternative learning modality will be used – online distance learning. Our school has made the necessary preparations to proceed with successful online classes. With you, dear Parents, by our side as partners in the education of our children, we believe we can prevail over the adversities that come with the changes the new normal brings.

To all our learners, from Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School, let us all jump start our school routines. It is time to be academically challenged again, in a productive and enjoyable way! Let us set aside our fears and anxiety in studying. Your teachers and I made ready interesting and motivating  lessons. It will be good to see and hear from you again after almost seven months of vacation!

May we be blessed with a fruitful and successful year ahead!

Sincerely Yours, 

Stella Marie K. Carbonell