School of the Holy Child, Angeles, Inc.

About School of the Holy Child, Angeles, Inc.

The School of the Holy Child is an independent Catholic school that offers Pre-elementary, Elementary, and Junior High School education with a strong curricular program to develop future citizens of conscience and action.

Founded in 1985, the School of the Holy Child offers a learning experience designed to challenge young minds, promote study habits that establishes a strong foundation essential for academic excellence, and strengthens faith that creates a joyous, personal response to God in today’s challenging world.

The school embraces diversity, respects the uniqueness of each individual, recognizes and promotes each one’s potential in contributing to the growth and prosperity of the community.

The school pursues its mission in youth formation by instilling the essential skillsets required to move up to the next level, and by being an encouraging presence that enables the child to aim for excellence.

Holy Child seeks to develop individuals, capable of assuming responsibility for their own learning and growth, aware of their own value, willing to involve themselves in service to others, and growing strong in their faith with a full awareness of their social responsibility.

The school employs time tested techniques in its instruction while keeping up with changes brought about by the environment, dynamism of technology and an ever growing global interdependence.

Animated by a dedicated group of 20 full-time administrators, faculty and staff, the school is driven by her Commitment To Quality Education.