School of the Holy Child, Angeles, Inc.


It was in 1985 that a dream of 10 years in the making was finally realized.

Mr. and Mrs. Pablo and Estrella Kabigting, the founders, shared a common vision, a vision that sees the fruition of a better tomorrow. It was a vision that they knew they can help bring about.

They believed in each child’s potential for excellence, that what they need is guidance and a strong academic foundation for them to grow and realize their dreams and be productive individuals in the community.

They hinged the school’s mission on the Biblical truth mentioned in Proverbs 22:6 , “Train up a Child in the way he should go, and when he grows old, he will not depart from it.”

The school had its humble beginning bearing the name “Holy Child Learning Center”.  It was in School Year 1985 – 1986 that the school was founded and began its mission. It started literally in a school house, a one floor building with two rooms. One room was used as a classroom
and the other for an office. The school opened with two sessions of Kinder; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Mrs. Estrella C. Kabigting handled the classes with a teacher aide and the total population then reached 94 pupils.

Every year, our population increased. On our second year (1986-1987), an increase in our enrollment prompted the addition of a third session. The following year (1987-1988), the Preparatory Class was opened adding three (3) more sessions. Our staff increased to handle the new class sessions.

The population of the school grew, and with these changes, the office was converted into a classroom for the Prep Class.

The school had its First Graduation for Prep pupils in 1988. Before the end of the School Year, however, parents of the Pupils had been requesting for the school to open Grade One for their children. It was divine providence for the parents because it was that same year when Holy Angel University started phasing out their Elementary Department. It was then that the founders applied for a permit to
open Grade One the following School Year. Not long after, the school was granted its permit and recognition for  Pre-School was granted by the DECS Regional Office in San Fernando, Pampanga. The School Year 1988-1989 was the opening of our Elementary School. There were two (2) sections of Grade One that were opened. There were 37 pupils in the morning and 35 in the afternoon. Before the
end of the school year, the school was able to acquire through a lease the former Feliciano Hospital as its School Building. Classrooms for Grades One and Two were constructed with spare rooms for the other grades. It was also the start of the increase of the school population every year.

The founders established linkages with other schools as it was a part of a larger community and so it became an active member of the Pre-School Association of Angeles City (PSAAC).


In March 25, 1992, by virtue of the granting of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the schools SEC Registration, the school became what it is now known as the “School of the Holy Child, Angeles, Incorporated.

The school grew and added more grade levels and successfully acquired permits and final recognition from the Department of Education.

Through the many years of existence, The School of the Holy Child, Angeles, Inc., remains  committed to its ideals of change through the total development of our youth, of giving Quality Education……. “OUR PROMISE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW’.


SY 2020-2021 marks the 36th Year of Operation