Welcome to the School of the Holy Child, Angeles Inc.! Thank you for choosing our school! Joining Holy Child will lead you to a great start in life, particularly in your academics. What you need to prepare are these basic documents.

During this time of the pandemic, you only need to prepare your report card with your Learners’ Reference Number or your Form 138

Proceed to the Principal’s Office for a short interview.

You will then be scheduled for an assessment in terms of your reading and math skills. The faculty member who would assess you in Reading would like to find our  how you read the given texts and if you understand what you are reading ( comprehension!) . Reading is a tool subject, and you read in all subjects. This is quite an important skill.

You then proceed to the math skills specifically the four basic operations. One operation we do check is  your skill in multiplication. This is quite an important skill because it will be a prerequisite skill in other math topics. It is expected that an incoming Grade 3 child should already master the ten multiplication tables. Multiplication is a skill we need to master as we  will use it not only in Elementary, or High school, But more so in College and even when we are already working.

The other requirements are the following:

  1. Your Form 137 or your School Permanent Records
  2. Your authenticated birth certificate ( NSO or PSA ).
  3. Your baptismal certificate.
  4. Your certificate of good moral character from the principal of the school where you came from ( prior to this school ) 
  5. Your medical certificate from your pediatrician, and the updated record of your vaccinations.
  6. Four copies of your photograph, with white background, sized  1  1/2  x  1  1/2

For foreign nationals, kindly include the following requirements: 

  1. A copy of your ACR – Alien Certificate of Registration 
  2. Permit to Study
  3. Photocopy of your Passport 
  4. Your Form 137 or Permanent School Records

All these documents can be submitted until December 2020 due to the pandemic.

Normally, these would be passed or given to the school on or before the enrollment date. But because of this unusual situation, the DepEd has given parents this long time table to furnish schools the requirements needed. 

All our old students need to prepare is just their report card  for enrollment

After filling up the enrollment or registration form and paying your school fees, you are done! For those who would like to register and pay online, provide us your email and we will send you all the forms and bank details.

Prior to the opening of classes, buy your books and notebooks. Label these properly.

Parents are also required to attend the Parents’ Orientation . This school year, our 36th year of operation,  we will be orienting parents online through our Wizard Pro Learning Management System. All pupils will also have simulation classes first before we formally have regular classes this September 7, 2020.

So prepare your documents and come visit us here in school!

SHCAI welcomes you!